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Welcome to the AMA home page
This is the official website foe the AMA orgnization. It consists of pilots of all skill levels. From knowing absolutly nothing to air force pilots to commercial pilots. The AMA has something for eveybody. For the beginners, we e-mail private lessons to those who are willing to learn for FREE. For those who already have a pilot's license or an AMA license, we have contests and sort of a "high score" page for those with the most flying hours. Everybody, even if they have no flying hours, gets their name on the "Pilot's Challenge" score board. The AMA also awards points that you can use in the "Pilot's Challeenge" listings. New members automaticlly recieve 3 points. Each point equals one hour. See our "Pilot's Challenge" page for more info.

The AMA has quizes, virtual flights, downloads, contests, and give-aways for those who register.n Remember, it is FREE to register;and everything on this web site is totally FREE! We like FREEBIES, so we figure you will too.

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